A nerdy new tool for the resistance

You may have read recently that we are living in a “post-truth world;” where news is fake, alternative facts are a thing, and the President of the United States frequently trumpets conspiracy theories as truth.

That makes finding credible, nonpartisan information really, really difficult. It also makes arguments nearly impossible to win when one side denounces science as fiction, or statistics as bogus.

Enter: brand, spanking new database.

If you stopped reading after the word “database,” bear with me—it’s actually pretty cool.

Former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer has been compiling a database of all government spending for the past three years, and it went live today.

The website is called USAFacts.org and it’s a breakdown of all federal, state, and local revenues, where they come from, and what they’re spent on. The best part is, it all comes from government data sources, so there’s no partisan tampering with the numbers. The website is also insanely intuitive to use.

It’s crazy to think that this doesn’t already exist, but now that it does, I feel like I have no idea how I lived without it.

Clearly, this administration has no qualms about stretching the truth, to put it mildly.

As Hannah Arendt once said, “being able to distinguish fact from fiction is a form of resistance,” and I would argue it’s the most powerful one.  


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