Grassroots FTW

If you know me, you know that I am a firm believer in the power of policy to shape our world. So when I read that the ACLU is launching a grassroots campaign to make cities across the United States safe for undocumented immigrants through specific policy models I was extremely excited.

Their campaign is called “People Power” and it calls on small groups to petition their local officials to take legislative measures to protect their residents. So while the ACLU fights legal battles in the courts and lobbyists take on federal laws, people can harness all of their inspiring energy into legal protections on the local level.

Their website offers 9 law enforcement policies defending our neighbors from mass deportation, protecting their privacy, and shielding them from discrimination. These are not just promises—they are laws.

All you have to do if organize a group of friends/concerned citizens and put pressure on your local officials to adopt these policies in your communities. The ACLU has literally done all of the hard work for you (it even gives you downloadable meeting agendas!).

I love this campaign because there is so much energy among people who oppose Trump’s policies and this is an amazing channel for that outrage. Demonstrations and protests are valuable for holding our officials accountable, but they’re not enough. Policies are permanent victories and will be there if outrage is redirected or fizzles out.

Something tells me that immigration issues will be a recurring theme over the next four years. So if we can cement protections for our undocumented friends and families now, then the next time Trump introduces a misguided and painful order on immigration, its effects can be contained. We can prevent the kind of paralyzing fear that gripped entire communities last month and we can prevent families from being torn apart.


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