Don’t give up on town halls just yet

There’s this crazy thing that’s happening where progressives are coordinating groups to attend town hall meetings to engage in open discussions about how well their elected officials are representing their interests in Washington.

The crazy part is that Republican Senators are writing their constituents, with legitimate grievances, off as “paid protestors.” Worse yet, while many of these pesky “liberal activists” are rallying against Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, instead of listening to the people who voted them into office, Republicans prefer to listen to “the people who spoke at the polls in November.”

But here’s the thing: people are talking right now, to their Senators’ faces, and Senators have to listen to them too whether they like it or not. Because if there’s one thing Senators care about it’s reelection. This focus on reelection is so true that Republican Senators up for reelection in 2018 are steering clear of town hall meetings altogether.

So, if you live in any state, but particularly if you live in a red state, show up at your town hall meetings armed with fellow activists, thoughtful questions, and a healthy skepticism. This is important because pressure from recent town halls have Republican Senators on record opposing some Republican policies.

To make this so easy you have no excuse NOT to go, is Town Hall Project. You literally just type in your zip code and you can see where your next town hall meeting is being held and when.

If you have Democrat Senators, show up anyway. Tell them that you appreciate the work they’ve been doing and that their opposition, no matter how tiresome, their resistance is valuable. Like I said: reelection.


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