Resources for resistance

I know I sound like a broken record, but research shows calling legislators is really the most effective way to drive change. So here are some amazing resources that make it painless to get in touch with your representative and tell you what to say.

  1. Daily Action is an insanely easy service; you text “DAILY” to 228466, which will prompt you to enter your zip code. Then, every weekday you’ll get a text with a number to call, a 30-second recording about that day’s issue, and then it automatically connects you to your elected official.
  2. Like this idea but don’t want to deal with text messages? Try 5 Calls or Call Them In, two E-mail subscription services that connect you with your relevant official AND provide you with a script. You literally don’t even have to use your brain.
  3. Looking for more? The organizers of the Women’s March on Washington launched a “10 Actions/100 Days” campaign where they’ll be releasing actions we can all take to promote a progressive agenda.
  4. At the risk of making my own blog obsolete, sign up for the “Movement to Oppose Trump” E-mail updates with concrete actions to take.

Seriously, guys democratic action has never been so easy.


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