5 senators that could make or break Obamacare

One of Trump’s first actions as President of the United States was to sign a (mostly symbolic) executive order about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

I’ve wrote about this before, but as this seems like the most imminent threat, I’m back with some more concrete actionables.

To recap: Republicans (and Trump) have made it blatantly clear that repealing Obamacare is their top priority, and they’ve already taken the steps to do it quickly. Unfortunately, none of them seem too concerned with replacing it. Here’s how this will affect the country:

  • About 30 million Americans will lose coverage, more than 80% of which are working class.
  • Meanwhile, the wealthiest Americans will get a huge tax cut that will add $9 trillion to the nation’s debt.
  • Services related to mental health, substance abuse, and women’s preventative medicine will be largely gutted.

If any of these rub you the wrong way, here’s what you can do:

Because the Republicans have already voted to fast-track the repeal, they only need a 51-50 majority to pass it. That means, if every Democrat votes against the repeal, they still need 3 Republicans to vote against party line. Here are the names of 5 Republicans who have expressed some kind of doubt about repealing the ACA without a replacement:

  1. Susan Collins (Maine)
  2. John McCain (Arizona)
  3. Rand Paul (Kentucky)
  4. Rob Portman (Ohio)
  5. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

There are also an additional 20 Republican Senators whose constituents have benefited from the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA.

If you’re from these states, DEFINITELY write to these Senators. If you’re not, consider writing anyway. This is kind of important.

A useful resource is this state-by-state impact of the repeal. Thinking of writing to Rob Portman? Maybe gently suggest that the number of uninsured citizens of Ohio would more than double if the law is repealed. That’s about 900,000 constituents he will have to answer to if he rips away their healthcare.




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