The calm before the storm

As we await Congress’ return from its holiday recess, I wanted to write a friendly reminder to my followers that when it reconvenes on January 3rd, our lawmakers are getting right to work–so are we.

3 things to look out for:

  1. Hearings and confirmations of Trump’s cabinet picks.

These will be long, they will be ugly, and they may be very boring. But make no mistake; they are important and they should be watched. Closely. Be outspoken about your opposition to, or support for, a particular nominee. Make sure your representatives can hear you, know you’re watching, and are acting on behalf of your interests.

      2. A budgetary tool called “reconciliation” that Republicans plan to use to gut                   Obamacare. Be very vocal and very visible.

This would allow Republicans to repeal major parts of the law with only a simply majority and no opportunities for opponents to filibuster. Unsure of what this could do to the United State’s health care system? Check this out.

       3. Attempts to use the CRA to overturn progressive rules regarding climate change,          consumer protection, labor standards, and other matters of public interest. 

Keep a special eye on two bills: The REINS Act and the Midnight Rules Relief Act. These may be quiet and clouded by dull legislative language, but they are important, they will affect your life, and they should be fought. Hard.

All of these things require you to exercise your democratic rights. So if there are protests, I urge you to attend; if there are petitions circulating around the internet, sign them. Monitor the news closely, write to your representative…then write again. Persistence from one person is important, but collective action is more important. So get your friends to write too and never pass up an opportunity to have your voice heard.

I cannot stress this enough: lawmakers are intent on diving into this session head-first. So let’s be equally ambitious!


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