Hear our voice


Over the last six months, I watched a man’s long, public history of shaming women for their appearances broadcast across every media outlet. I listened to him describe an act of sexual assault, and then I listened to him defend it. And on election night, I watched the country decide that none of it mattered.

Trump was rewarded over and over again for his assault on women; on their bodies, on their freedoms, on their equality. To quote Michelle Obama, his words and his actions shook me to my core.

But as inauguration day looms nearer, some seriously badass women have organized The Women’s March on Washington to show Trump that his assault on women’s rights has not gone unnoticed. The event, planned by a committee of diverse women, is expected to attract 200,000 people. That is a number that Trump cannot ignore.

The event is a demonstration of solidarity and I intend to stand among other empowered individuals to show my support for all women. I hope you will too!

Check with your local political groups and organizations and see if anyone in your community is organizing transportation to Washington D.C.!

If you can’t attend but you have some extra pocket change, you can donate money so that someone else can. For more information, check out their website here.

Update: The Women’s March on Washington has officially secured the permits necessary to proceed.


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